New book! GOA – 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance

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About the bookThis unique book about the Goatrance movement is an anthology of the international Goa and Psytrance generation. It is the first book that describes the scene as a whole. The articles are written by 25 i

Insiders of the international Psytrance scene from five continents. The pictures originate from some of the best photographers globally. The book highlights the evolution of the scene in the last 20 years and looks ahead to the future. The book will alongcome with a DVD and a poster, together as deluxe version, and both book and DVD will also be available separately. Both products are contemporary documents of a generation and photographic and filmic masterpieces.

Table of Contents

Author´s foreword: Tom Rom/Pascal Querner
Publisher´s foreword: Roger Liggenstorfer
Distribution partner´s foreword: Mat Mushroom
Introduction: Tom Rom

History and Evolution
1. The roots of Psychedelic Trance Goa Gil
2. History of a colourful culture Chicago/Raja Ram
3. Magical spots around the world Pascal Querner
4. The evolution of Psytrance music Kai Mathesdorf
5. Media in the Goa scene Mat Mushroom/Sam Chaishop
6. The Psytrance labels Kai Mathesdorf
7. Masterminds of trance Alpha

Culture, Spirituality and Drugs
8. The “Goa-Tribe“ – Culture or Subculture? Wolfgang Sterneck
9. Cybertribes: Projects against the system Wolfgang Sterneck
10. The Cosmic Octave Hans Cousto
11. Anarchy with codes Tom Rom
12. Dance in Trance Marc Brouard/Phoenix Firedancers
13. Spirituality and shamanism Christian Rätsch
14. Ecology and environmental consciousness Tom Rom
15. Drugs and the expansion of the Mind Roger Liggenstorfer

Art and Performances
16. Decoration and Design Ananto
17. Visions and psychedelic art Martina Hoffman/Robert Venosa
18. Visuals – Moving minds Omananda/Psynema
19. Performances in colours Pascal Querner

Festivals and Scenes
20. The Boom Festival Artur da Silva
21. Voov/Vuuv Scotty
22. Burning Man Peter Ziegelmeier/Brad Olsen
23. The Solipse Festivals William Miller/Hannah Cleaver
24. Doof in Downunder Lui Raptor
25. Psytrance in Brazil Kranti Pessoa
26. Psytrance in Israel Eyal Yankovich
27. Goa culture in Japan Kei Fujishiro
28. Trance in the UK Gregory Sams/Charles de Ledesma
29. Parties in paradise Pascal Querner
30. Beautiful people Pascal Querner
31. Trancedance fashion Katarina Bartovicova

Reflection and Future
32. Critical thoughts: What is missing? Tom Rom/Omananda
33. The future – where does the trip go? Tom Rom/Omananda

Sponsors and Advertisings
List of Team
List of photographers

Publisher: Tom Rom (text) and Pascal Querner (photos)
Publisher and production: Nachtschatten Verlag, Solothurn/Switzerland
DVD production: Psynema/Omananda
Distribution: Nachtschatten Verlag, Mushroom Magazine, Tom Rom,, Festivals, Headshops around the world
Layout, graphics, design: Peter Lippert
Format: 25 x 25 cm, in colours, hardcover, 200 – 250 pages
Circulation: 2.000 copies in English, 2.000 copies in German for the first print run, later editions also planned in Portugese and Japanese
Date of publication: Spring 2010 (planned)
Price: EUR 24,90 without DVD, EUR 29,90 with DVD (planned)
ISBN: 978-3-03788-189-7

Contact: Tom Rom
Email: tomrom24 [at] chello [dot] at (for correspondence about the book)

Contact: Nachtschatten Verlag AG, Postfach 448, Kronengasse 11, 4502 Solothurn/Switzerland
Phone: 0041-32-6218949
Fax: 0041-32-6218947
Email: roger [at] nachtschatten [dot] ch

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